Data Engineering
A field guide on data engineering, including common data manipulations in different languages/frameworks.

Bits and pieces to make CmdStanPy (the Python interface to cmdstan) better.

As part of the Stan Development Team I have worked on implementing modeling functions and documentation to RStanARM, an R interface to Stan that allows users to specify their models using the typical R formula syntax.

Papers & Tutorials

I. Ali (2019) Tagging Basketball Events with HMM in Stan. Link:

R. Trangucci, I. Ali, A. Gelman, D. Rivers, Y. Ghitza (2018) Voting patterns in 2016: Exploration using multilevel regression and poststratification on pre-election polls. Link:

I. Ali, J. Gabry, B. Goodrich (2018) Modeling Rates/Proportions using Beta Regression with rstanarm. Link:

Bayesian Statistics (2017)
My notes from when I was a teaching assistant for Bayesian Statistics for the Social Sciences at Columbia University.

Vector Calculus (2016)
My notes from a calculus III self study.