Maybe it wasn’t really “blogging”… depends on your definition. I did a pretty bad job of regularly posting what I was writing. Ok, to be brutally honest I didn’t actually post any of what I wrote until the new year. But I did regularly write and collect my thoughts throughout 2020 (thanks to Notion for making it so easy). That’s the important part, right?

The whole process was incredibly invaluable. Writing did two things for me:

  1. It forced me to finish each thought so I’m not walking around with half baked ideas sounding like an moron. (To be clear, it hasn’t stopped me from sounding like a moron.)
  2. It freed up space in my brain for new ideas and things to think about.

Abstracting these two, I guess it was just generally cathartic. It didn’t come without it’s frustrations though. I’m seem to be one of those people who generates ideas faster than implementing them. And it was irritating to have a massive list of unfinished thoughts. But I guess it’s better to have backlog than to have things lost in the depths of my brain.

Here’s to a strong second year of active blogging. Hopefully I’ll post more regularly and not in massive batch updates ;)